Welcome to Cylch Meithrin Tŷ’r Cymry! We are a happy and welcoming nursery that has been established since 1987. We are inspected by Estyn, CSSIW and Cardiff County as well as working in partnership with Mudiad Meithrin

Here’s some additional information about the nursery:

Leader – Vacant

Deputy Leaders – Rhian Harry

Registered Person – Lowri Bunford-Jones

Directors – Steffan Radsma and Lowri Bunford-Jones

Tŷ’r Cymry’s Address – 11 Gordon Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 3AJ

Tŷ’r Cymry’s Telephone Number – Landline:  02920 497152    Mobile:  07864 575297

Email –


The Nursery has a permanent home in Tŷ’r Cymry. The nursery has exclusive use of the ground floor and the garden, and the nursery owns all the resources. We have a large purposeful room where we assemble for singing and story time as well as doing a number of activities; we also have our arts and crafts room where we also have snack time, a toilet and a kitchen. In our garden there are number of outdoor activities – a playhouse, slide, climbing frame, sandpit as well as bikes, scooters and so forth. We also take full advantage of garden by planting fruit and vegetables throughout the year, something the children enjoy taking part in and which is an important part of the Foundation Phase.

Education &Training

Here at Cylch Meithrin Tŷ’r Cymry, the Foundation Phase is followed. All staff meet the required national standards of training and Staff also attend specific training courses provided by the Education Department of Cardiff County Council. Further, we are supported by a dedicated Advisory Teacher appointed by the County.

Y Gymraeg

Welsh is the language of Cylch Meithrin Tŷ’r Cymry. Our goal is to insure that every child has the best possible opportunity to learn the language through play, singing and communicating with their friends. We aim to support the parents by providing vocabulary lists relating to each term’s theme as well as words to the songs we sing each day. To help support your child we would ask that your child has the opportunity to watch Cyw and read welsh books. If you as a parent have an interest in learning to speak Welsh we can also recommend a variety of courses that may suit your needs.


Most of the parking on Gordon Road is allocated for residents only, however traffic wardens are aware of parents dropping their children to playgroup at 9am and picking them up 12pm, so far we have not had any problems. There is the option however to park along Richmond Rd and when arranged (for Christmas concerts etc) in Capel y Crwys car park at the corner of Gordon Rd / Richmond Rd.

Further Information

If you would like any further information you are welcome to contact us here at the nursery. Please also feel free to visit us at Cylch for a chat and for your child to enjoy a taster session.

3 sylw ar “Information

  1. Helo!
    Hoffwn i wybod os oes yna lefydd yn Nhy’r Cymry ar gyfer mis Ionawr? Oes modd ymweld â chi rhyw fore?

    Amy Mills (mam)

  2. Helo,
    Hoffwn i wybod oes ma lle yn Nhy’r Cymry i fy mhab ymuno ym mis Ionawr 2018?
    Edrych mlaen i glywed yn ol

    1. Steffan Radsma 7 Hydref 2017 — 6:17 PM

      Helo Ffion, Mae yna lle ym mis Ionawr ar gyfer dy fab. Mae yna ffurflen cofrestru i chi lenwi ar y gwefan i ddanfon atyn ni i ynghyd a’r sesiynnau hoffech chi mynychu. Unrhyw cwestiynnau gad i ni wybod. Diolch, Steffan

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