Newsletter August 2016

Annwyl Bawb / Dear All,

We hope that you are having a lovely summer. It’s hard to believe that in little over a week Ty’r Cymry will re-open for the Autumn term! We have been planning for the new term and would be grateful if you could assist us with the following:

1. In order for us to staff Ty’r Cymry we need to know how many children require sessions. Please could you let us know as soon as possible whether you would like mornings, afternoons or full days.
2. As of September, on the busiest days we will be using Apollo mini bus hire to transport the children to Mynydd Bychan. We feel that this will provide an altogether better service. Please could you let us know before the beginning of term if you require the wrap-around service.
3. If you require additional sessions or would like to swap sessions, please could you ensure that we have at least 24 hours notice as we need to meet our child-staff ratios.
4. There are still some fees outstanding. Please could you ensure that you have paid last term’s fees prior to starting back on September 5th.
5. Over the last year there has been a short-fall in the amount of contributions towards the children’s mid morning snack. As of September the fees for fruit / toast will be added to your invoice at the begining of term.
6. We would be grateful if you could pay your fees by bank transfer as we would like to avoid keeping cash at the Nursery. Please ask for details of our bank account and options regardign Childcare Vouchers.
7. If your child is turning three this term please remember to apply for the Early Years funding which will fund your child’s place at Ty’r Cymry or Nursery school for 12.5 hourse per week. Please ask staff for further details.
8. The afternoon session will now begin at 1pm and end at 4pm. This will give us enough time to ensure that the morning children have had lunch and that the rooms are cleaned and prepared for the afternoon session. Please remember that afternoon children are able to arrive at 12pm and join us for lunch. We also have a tea club from 4-4.30pm. If the change in time is a problem for parents who have already asked for afternoon sessions, please let me know.
9. As you know the children use the garden in all weather. We do not have facilities to dry clothes therefore please could you provide a suitable rain-coat and wellies.

I will be in touch agan at the begining of September with a list of dates for the coming term.

Diolch yn fawr,


Gadael Ymateb

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