News June 2016

Dear All,

We are delighted to have Katharine back with us Ty’r Cymry. Welcome back Katharine – you were missed!

We have decided to trial the use of a mini bus to transport the children to the Meithrin at Mynydd Bychan. We will be using a mini bus company approved and registered with the Counci for transporting young children to local schools. A member of Ty’r Cymry staff will of course travel with the children on the mini bus to the school. The cost of the mini bus is higher than the taxi but this cost will be borne by us for the remeinder of this term. We will discuss with you the arrangements for September before the end of term.

We now have enough children to remain open for the first two weeks of the summer holidays. It is essential that you confirm as soon as possible which sessions you require in order for us to confirm the staffing arrangements. Thank you.

To date we have not had enough interest to take part in Tafwyl on July 3rd. In order for the children to enjoy the experience we feel that we would need a group of at least 10. Whether the children perform or not, Tafwyl is well worth a visit. There will be a host of activities for children and most are free. We have Tafwyl programmes at Ty’r Cymry with full listings of all the events of the weekend.

You should be now have received this term’s invoice. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lowri or Steffan.

SUMMER FAIR – Saturday June 18th (10am-12pm)
Local produce, tea coffe & cake, books and cards, and lots of activities to keep the little ones entertained. All welcome!

SUMMER TRIP – Wednesday July 6th:
As always our anual trip will be to Barry Island. Ty’r Cymry will be shut on this day as all staff will be needed on the trip. Parents / carers are also asked to attend. More details regarding departure times etc to follow.

Our parents evening will be held on Thursday July 14th. The staff will be available from 4.00pm until 7pm. There will be an opportunity to see your child’s work and their end of year report. There will also be light refreshments.
In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions regarding any aspect of the Cylch’s work, or your child’s welfare or development, please feel free to discuss with the staff or Lowri.

Over the summer holidays we hope to replace the flooring in the large room and also lay a grass area in the garden. We are sure that these imrovements will be of benefit to the children.

Please could you ensure that we have your email address for corespondence.

Diolch yn fawr,

Lowri Bunford-Jones
Registerd Person

Gadael Ymateb

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